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Battle Lines

Battle Lines

The Battle Lines have been drawn.

If one thing is clear about the landscape of Season 24, it's that there is no unity in the GWA. Personal agendas and egos have gotten in the way of banishing dark forces, and crusade turned into anarchy. Will former GWA World Champion Darksyde find a way to silence the man who took the title from him, TJH? Will The Killer find revenge on Alex Perfect?

Battle Lines airs live on pay per view and the GWA Network on Sunday, April 17 at 4 PM Eastern.

Thunderdome results

  • Johnny Bulldog over Doomtrain to retain the International Title.
  • American Motorcycle Club over Pacific X-Change.
  • Firestarters (Brewer, Dexter Point, Hunter Storms & Mike Lio) over Team Crusade (Alex Perfect, Blood Widow, The Killer & TJH) in the Thunderdome match.

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    FacebookWe highly recommend joining the GWA Facebook group, where many discussions occur throughout the season. Joining the group also puts you in touch with other members of the GWA for a more complete experience.

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    Did You Know?

    Did You KnowThe GWA, founded in the early 1990s, is the oldest fantasy wrestling league in existence today. For a time, it had its own keyword on America Online.

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    Sunday Showcase comes your way Sundays at 4 PM Eastern with Holy Ref in charge of the action in the GWA Arena.

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