On Sunday, April 27 at 7 PM Eastern, the GWA will present the third semiannual Revelation! This is the big one: our final night of wrestling action for Season 20, and the biggest event the GWA has to offer. All our rivalries will culminate at this show. Who will be named challenger to rookie standout Chozyn's World Title? What will happen when Tony Pride goes one-on-one with Ace McCool in what will be Pride's last match as an active wrestler? What else will we see as the event continues to take shape? As always, stay tuned to Spotlight and Showcase and don't miss Uncut for all the latest.


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Read The Rules, Conquer The Game

With season 20 around the corner, GWA management has come up with a couple new rules and regulations for wrestlers, specifically in the categories of the new Fin/Subs and managers.


New Main Eventers are Set in Stone

Michael Brewer did the impossible by turning an 0-4 rookie season into a three time World Champion and Wrestler of the Year sophomore season. Click below to see who else performed exceptionally well during the 19th season of GWA programming.


Check Out the New GWA Chat

To recreate the old experience GWA had in its AOL chat rooms, we've created a whole new chat experience. We've not only recreated it, we've added much needed improvements.



What Are You Waiting For?

Although we would advise you to drop by the Rulebook section first and read the guidelines for damage, endurance and character creation, there's nothing stopping you from joining us!

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GWA Memories

"Winning the GWA World Title at the age of 47, when the world had pretty much written me off is something I will remember for the rest of the my life. Taking it from Rockshade made it that much sweeter." - Idol Austin


Did You Know?

For a number of years, the GWA had its own keyword on AOL and was America Online's only official fantasy wrestling league.